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Bollywood Celebrity Splits of 2014

Break Up Diaries : 2014 saw more separation in the Bollywood than relationships.Lets take a look at the top celebrity break-ups of this year that shocked everyone.

hrithik roshan - sussane divorced

1. Hrithik-Sussanne end fairytale marriage: How could they? There are shock waves running through the industry even now... The complex causes for this painful separation are not in public domain. While Susanne has conducted herself with great dignity, the talks of various women in Hrithik's life seems a little unbecoming.

Karan Singh Grover -Jennifer announced seperation - ksg

2. KSG-Jenny Sickening split: Displaying disgusting marketing savvy, TV actor Karan Singh Grover announced the end of his marriage to the very dignified actress Jennifer Winget a day before the launch of the trailer of his debut movie Alone which also features Bipasha Basu.

harman baweja- bipasha basu broke up

3.Harman - Bipasha Secrete break up?: Harman Baweja and Bipasha Basu are no longer a couple. But they refuse to talk of their split. Better to not get into the details when the picture is not even clear to the people involved.

Pooja Bhatt divorced

4. Pooja Bhatt says goodbye to marriage: Pooja chose a very dignified public statement on the death of her 11-year marriage. No bitterness, no hidden agenda. Pooja took her twitter account and announced it publicly to which his Father Mahesh Bhatt showed his support and re-twitted.

Freida Pinto dumped Dev Patel

5. Freida Pinto dumped Dev Patel: Freida Pinto dumped her first boyfriend Dev Patel the minute she became the who's who of Hollywood. Now it's poor Dev Patel's turn. Now she's being seen with Siddharth Mallaya. Dev should recognize a social climber when he sees one.

Kalki parts with Kashyap

6. Kalki parts with Kashyap: The self-styled guru of revolutionary cinema couldn't keep his second marriage going. Good for Kalki. She deserves a lot better.

Chirangda split with her golfer husband Jyoti Randhawa

7. Chitrangda bids golfer-husband goodbye: Finally after months of hide and seek, Chirangda split with her golfer husband Jyoti Randhawa. For what? We don't know. We don't see her career going anywhere.

Priyadarshan's wife bids goodbye

8. Priyadarshan's wife bids goodbye: After months of speculation, one-time actress Lissy finally called it a day with prolific filmmaker Priyadarshan. It seems business interests had entered their bedroom. Moral of the story: never let your wife know the size of what you carry in your pants. The wallet, I mean.

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