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Raveena Tandon Reacts to Allegations of Altercation with Elderly Woman, Viral Video Sparks Controversy

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Raveena Tandon
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Amidst a storm of accusations, Bollywood icon Raveena Tandon has broken her silence on the recent viral video alleging assault and abuse towards an elderly woman and her family. The incident, which unfolded on Carter Road in Bandra, has ignited a flurry of speculation and debate.

Raveena Tandon Speaks Out on Altercation
Screen grab from Raveena Tandon Insta

According to officials from the Khar police station, CCTV footage near the scene of the altercation revealed proximity between the women and Tandon's vehicle, though no direct impact was observed. Despite the absence of formal charges, a station diary entry has been recorded, shedding light on the tense encounter.

In the wake of the incident, a video capturing the heated exchange has circulated rapidly online, prompting Tandon to address the allegations via Instagram stories. Witnesses claim Tandon was confronted by locals, accusing both her and her driver of aggression towards the women involved.

In the footage, Tandon is purportedly heard pleading for restraint, countering assertions of intoxication and unprovoked violence. However, conflicting narratives persist, with some alleging Tandon's involvement in the altercation upon exiting her vehicle.

Following the altercation, both parties engaged in a dialogue at the Khar police station, offering written assurances of no further conflict. Despite the resolution, questions linger surrounding the sequence of events and the veracity of the claims.

As public scrutiny intensifies, Tandon's response marks a pivotal moment in the unfolding saga, underscoring the complexities of celebrity scrutiny and social media activism in the digital age.

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