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Sonu Nigam Calls out Bushan Kumar - Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante

Sonu Nigam has released a new video on social media, aimed at T-Series head Bhushan Kumar

Sonu Nigam has released a new video on social media, aimed at T-Series head Bhushan Kumar.

After Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, various people from within the Bollywood are coming openly against the bullying and Mafia raj taking this further, Sonu Nigam took to social media to speak about the pressure young musicians have to go through in Music Industry and also called out the ‘music mafia’ who are notorious for crushing the moral of artistes.

Taking this further, in another vlog, Sonu Nigam has accused Bhushan Kumar of trying to sabotage his image. “Bhushan Kumar, now I have to mention your name. And you deserve to be addressed without respect. You have messed with the wrong person,” he said in the video in Hindi.

In the new video, he said, "I didn't take anyone's name. I just asked very politely that please be kind to newcomers in the industry. But mafia will play their tricks. They asked people to give interviews against me. They sent press releases to organisations, writing against me. Some of these six people who have given interviews against me are close to me. For years, they have been talking about the unfairness of the music industry to me, but now they are speaking a different language."

The brother of one of these six people, in fact, wrote against the music industry over a year back. Sonu then showed an old tweet shared by singer Armaan Malik, where he had bashed the music industry. Armaan's tweet read, "If only there was unity in the Indian music industry would there be any kind of change in the scene. Believe it or not every single musician in the industry is unhappy coz they are being curtailed and told what to do rather than being left alone to let their creativity soar. (sic)."

The singer then targeted Bhushan Kumar. He said, "Bhushan Kumar tune galat aadmi se panga liya hai. Tu bhool gaya woh time jab tu mere ghar aake bolta tha, 'Bhai bhai mere album kardo, Deewana kar do, Smita Thackeray se milwa do. Bhai Bal Thackeray se milwa do, Bhai don Abu Salem se bacha lo.' Yaad hain ye sab cheeze?"

I’m warning you not to engage with me in any manner. Hope you remember Marina Kuwar. I don’t know why she backed out, though the media knows. That’s how mafia functions. I still have her video. Now if you mess with me, I will post that video on my YouTube channel. Don’t you dare mess with me." the Singer said

He continued,” “I also want to tell some media people that this is not a publicity. There’s no joke going on here. It is a matter of one’s future. It is a matter of someone’s life.”

As of now, no statements have been released by Bhushan Kumar or T-Series.

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