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Happy Birthday Gulzaar - On the legend's Birthday Fall In Love With Words

Legendary filmmaker-lyricist Sampooran Singh Kalra, popularly known as Gulzar Saab was born OnThisDay. Legendary poet and lyricist Gulzar celebrates his 84th birthday today. 

There is hardly anything that one don’t know about Gulzar, the most celebrated film poet of our times.

But he wasn’t always keen on joining films. A part of him wanted to stay in the academics and probably would have become a college professor, but things changed once he met Bimal Roy for whom he wrote Mora Gora Ang Lai Le in Bandini (1963).

Call it his short-sightedness, but Gulzar didn’t want to write for films for long at that point of time.

In an old interview given to Rajya Sabha TV, he recalls his earlier days in the Hindi film industry and how his friendship with another celebrated lyricist Shailendra pushed him to go for writing songs and then directing films.

His films are noted for a sensitive depiction of human relationships & passionate study of the political atmosphere.

Started as a lyricist during 60s, his work continues to enchant through his composition in today' films.

Making a list of some of our favorite Gulzar songs is a difficult task. In the context of Gulzar, the term 'favorite' is rather relative.

So on the legend’s birthday, here are the timeless collection which will rewind the clock for every 90s kid and make you fall in love with his words.

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