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Shreyas Talpade Shuts Down Kamal R Khan on Twitter, Calls Him Chu***# For Criticizing Poster Boys

Shreyas Talpade shuts down krk for his posterboys review

Kamal R Khan the self proclaimed no.1 critic of bollywood, very often seen ranting on his Twitter page. He tried to do same with poster Boys as well but this time,Shreyas Talpade ,the maker of the film was't in a mood to spare him. 

Shreyas took to Twitter to show him the right place by using choicest abuses for him. He wrote, “Aukaat mein reh @kamaalrkhan chu**#. Kabhi haath lagaa toh itni zor se patkungaa ki tappa khake chatt se lagega. Jai Maharashtra.”

This is how KRK rediculed Shreyas for his film Poster Boys
Soon after reading this Shreyas showed KRK his place by using the choicest abuse
Seeing this interaction, Twitter trolls jumped in some in Shreyas's Support and some to show KRK his place.
The other showed him mirror.
Other showed their agreement with shreyas
Few Conspired his murder by installing Bluewhale game in his Phone
Best one was one who made this to reality using some photoshop skill.

Poster Boys is is a remake of super hit marathi film by same name, which was the produced by Shreyas Talpade.Then he decided to turn it into a Hindi film with Sunny and Bobby Deol in it. He chose the third character for himself. He is also the director of the film. hence, it’s a special film for him and that’s why he felt the need to shut up someone like KRK and show him his true place.

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