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Mega Review : Jagga Jasoos - Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif

Jagga Jasoos is the release of this week, check the review of Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif starrer fairy tale

Jagga Jasoos
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Saswata Chatterjee
Director: Anurag Basu

Review By: Saibal Chatterjee Site:NDTV, Ratings:3/5

 Katrina Kaif, as a mishap-prone investigative journalist, is hard-pressed to match strides with Ranbir, but the free-flowing nature of the yarn allows her enough opportunities to catch her breath when she needs to and continue to saunter along for company. It is just as well that she plays second fiddle, letting Ranbir do all the heavy lifting. He carries the weight of the film without letting the strain show. If Jagga Jasoos passes muster, it is largely due to a pivotal star turn that is worth its weight in gold and the surreal touches that Basu imparts to the fantasy.
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Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site:indianexpress, Ratings:1.5/5 

 Except Kapoor is too old to pass off as a school-boy. And the bits between his purported teenage self and the pretty bumbler of a journo, who goes bumpity-bump through tough terrains, get a little questionable. The best part of the film is between the young Jagga and Chatterjee. A couple of the spanking songs are great fun. That’s when the movie speaks in its own voice : in the rest, it is trying to be a desi Spielberg without any of its verve.At one point in the film, a character is made to ask : bore ho gaye na? The answer, of course, is : haan bhai haan.
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Review By: Hungama Site:Bollywood Hungama Ratings:2/5 

 Jagga, throughout the first half, is shown singing while conversing but stops doing it for most of the second half. The result: Jagga stammers heavily and needlessly and after a point, it tests viewers’ patience. All these goofs would have still been redundant if the finale had some punch. Shockingly, the film ends on an abrupt and laughable note. On the whole, JAGGA JASOOS is a badly written and very poorly executed musical. The film doesn't offer any entertainment value for either children or adults. At the box office, the film will have a tough time.
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Review By:Nihit Site:Times Of India, Ratings:3.5/5 

 For a film industry that adheres to certain rules of using music, Jagga Jasoos is an undeniable experiment. The screenplay is structured as chapters from a comic book; the movie uses a classroom full of kids and their teacher, Shruti (Katrina) as its main storytelling device. The films unfolds as she narrates stories from the book, and we're pulled into Jagga's (Ranbir) world of makeshift houses, merry characters and rhyming dialogue.Parts of Jagga Jasoos are greater than their sum. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t head to a theatre and investigate for yourself.
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Review By:Sukanya Site:Rediff, Ratings:3.5/5 

 Dispensing with the notions of realism, Basu sets up a frothy space around his adventure fantasy that revels in its lavish imagination, meddlesome inquiries and delicious Bongness, never once pausing to catch a breath or make sense.Jagga Jasoos isn't a particularly bright caper. It's about seeking nirmal anand whose playful ingenuity is held together by a bag of unending tricks that lend the trip wind in its wings and cheer in its will.
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Review By: Tushar P Joshi Site:Bollywoodlife , Ratings:2/5 

 The stuttering and singing song way of talking gets tiresome way too soon and the interest in staying with the narrative of solving these mysteries dies a premature death. Jagga is also way too long, a risk that lot of musicals take. In the case of Hollywood films like La La Land, Moulin Rouge or Chicago, the storytelling felt organic and natural, in Jagga it feels like a staged effort to impress you with every scene. Basu needs a pat on his back for trying the genre with full enthusiasm, but sometimes it also pays to curb the same Jagga Jasoos is only worth a watch for Ranbir Kapoor’s class act. As a musical, the film falters on several notes.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Ahana Bhattacharya Site:Koimoi

 A unique and interesting story. Anurag Basu pens an intriguing tale of a father-son story. But there is more to it than just father-son bonding. Jagga’s father Professor Bagchi’s secret mission and Jagga’s search for his missing father is what takes the story forward. I would highly recommend watching this musical with a fresh and interesting script and nice music. This is surely one of Ranbir Kapoor’s best performances.
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