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Sonam Kapoor Comes in Support Of Gurmehar Kaur

Speaking to a TV Channel, Sonam Kapoor said that Gurmehar Kaur was entitled to say whatever she wanted to for her father.

Sonam Kapoor on Gurmehar Kaur
File Pic - Sonam Kapoor

Talking to India Today exclusively, Sonam Kapoor, was very vocal about her opinion on Gurmehar. 

"It's disgusting, appalling. I know some colleagues in the industry who are claiming to be artists said that and I think it's very disheartening for me. See, first of all, everyone is entitled to an opinion. 

What she feels is a very compassionate way of looking at it; nobody is to be blamed for anybody's death. It's very evolved of her to think that way, very forgiving of her, and instead of applauding her, we are bringing her down. Whether you agree with her or not, it's her father. She's entitled to say whatever she has to for him. You cannot criticise her for it. It's very cruel."

Sonam reiterated Akhtar's thoughts, "He is right, though it's not about illiteracy but ignorance. People are ignorant, that's why they speak the way they do. It's about not understanding the situation."

"Since I was 21, I've been an open feminist. I believe in giving everyone an opportunity." she added.

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