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Naam Shabana Movie Review - Taapsee excels in the role

Naam Shabana is the release of this week, check the review of Tapsee Pannu starer prequel of Baby.

naam shabana review
Naam shabana Poster

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher

Director: Shivam Nair

Producer: Shital Bhatia


Shabana (Taapsee) is a calm going B.Com student living with her widowed mother. She rejects love proposal from her classmate Jai (Taher Mithaiwala) because of her dark past. Gradually, she develops liking towards him. One fine day, the pair go on a date.

On their way back to home, they are troubled by eve-teasers and loses her boyfriend. Shabana is well versed in martial arts. She sets to take revenge. However, she is laid with even bigger responsibility of fighting enemies of the country.

She is chosen as spy by intelligence bureau to take on international arms dealer. Shabana gears up for the challenge. She has to face male chauvinism, henchmen and other jackals in her mission. How Shabana emerges a winner by swimming against tides forms the story.


Naam Shabana is touted to be first prequel action film made in India. It is back story of popular character from Akshay Kumar’s Baby. Taapsee’s stunts in Nepal episode of 2015 action thriller recieved huge applause. Her detailed story is made into Naam Shabana. Baby director Neeraj Pandey has penned the script.

First half of Naam Shabana deals with her revenge saga. It’s more a regular Bollywood masala with mix of romance, drama and tragedy. The film turns into a spy thriller in second half. Shabana shoulder a international mission.

How she uses her aggression and wit to spear through the resistant winds. In the process she kicks some serious butt. Taapsee excels in the role of a spy. She does some daredevil Kudo stunts. Akshay Kumar shines in the brief cameo role. Monaj Bajpayee is subtle in the role of intelligence chief.

Prithviraj is the surprise package as cool-headed antagonist. Background score is decent and cinematography is top-notch. Script has some logical loopholes and loose ends. Otherwise, Naam Shabana is worth a watch spy thriller with exciting moments every now and then.

Rating :

3/5 Stars

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