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Singles From Hindu College worship Disha Patani, decorate Virgin Tree with condoms on V-Day

A bunch of single male students from Delhi's Hindu College are going to worship Disha Patani on Valentine's Day and they will be decorating a so called 'virgin tree' with condoms.

disha patani hot look
Disha patani File Pic

Speaking to Times of India, a second-year student from Hindu College hostel said, "The second and third-year hostellers have chosen her. We picked her after having a meeting. Along with Disha, one name that was also considered was of Nargis Fakhri, but since most of the guys liked Disha, we have chosen her as our Damdami Mai."

The student added, "Damdami Mai is usually the actress who has been popular in that particular year, and who is also voted for by the most hostellers. Like always, we will have the puja on the morning of February 14. And a fresher will perform the puja as he will be the pandit for that day. As always, condoms will be used to decorate the virgin tree."

Turns out the practice has been going on for years in Hindu College and it is called the 'Damdami Mai' puja wherein Damdami Mai is a female actor chosen by hostel students every year.

Apparently, it is believed that students who will take part in the puja will 'find the one' within just six months and consequently, lose their virginity in the next six months.

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