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Phillauri Controversy - Anushka Sharma Slams Media For Spreading Rumours

Post release of the trailer of Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh upcoming film Phillauri that film is being financed by Anushka Sharma's Virat Kohli..
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Phillauri is produced by FoxStar Hindi and Clean Slate Films the Anushka Sharma's venture and has no association with cricketer Kohli, but despite repeatedly denied by the both production houses, some news and media was carrying news that Phillauri is being produced by Virat Kohli to help Anushka Sharma and what not.

To end all the rumours Anushka took it to the social media and bashed all the rumour mongers, the Actress tweeted "Putting to rest some rumours that have been doing the rounds for some days now " with below letter

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