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RaeesByRail : SRK takes promotion of Raees to next level

RaeesByRail : Shah Rukh Khan has taken the promotion  of his upcoming Raees to the next level.

He has boarded the August Kranti train from Mumbai Central to Delhi today evening. SRk is promoting his film Raees with RaeesByRail Campaign, he will meet his fans on the way at different stations in the journey.

The crowd at the Mumbai Central platform went berserk to get one glimpse of the superstar.

Shah Rukh will be communicating with his fans during his journey in the train. The excitement for the film is at peak now. This is an innovative strategy to grab the attention of fans. Raees releases on 25th January, 2017.

RaeesByRail Marketing strategy is Master Stroke by Shahrukh Khan and at the right time.

Catch the pictures of Shah Rukh Khan here:

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