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Coffee With D Movie Review By Critics

Coffee with D starring Sunil Grover is the only release of the week from Bollywood, its a satire on underworld don Dawood. 

To make a satire on Dawood Ibrahim is a brave effort, no doubt. But is it a successful effort?.

coffee with D fil review

 Here’s what critics have to say about the Sunil Grover-starrer Coffee With D

Coffee With D Review By Subash K Jha, ZeeNews

Sunil Grover’s film is fun in a ditzy way

‘Coffee With D’ is like an unfinished unpolished version of what could have been a rollicking run-in into a ruminative session between Indian's biggest fugitive and loudest journalist. If only it had been allowed more leg-space to lunge in the lap of the ludicrous.

Coffee With D Review By Reza Noorani, Times Of India

It could have been good film, but the undoing of Coffee With D is its post-production. The film is let down by shoddy editing and a bad dubbing job where entire sentences are muted and out of sync. A story that has potential is ruined by poor execution that distracts you from the plot. 

Coffee With D Review By Anusha Iyengar, BollywoodLife

Sunil Grover’s film has an interesting plot but suffers from bad performances. You can watch it if you are looking to enjoy a light movie. Even if you skip it, you are not missing out on anything.

Coffee With D Review By Kunal Guha, Mumbai Mirror

Sunil Grover, known to most as the beloved pig-tailed Gutthi from one of TV's most popular comedy shows, takes himself a bit too seriously here. And this spells doom for the proficient mimic who ends up channeling too many characters to be able to build upon his own. Zakir Hussain makes the world's most feared don appear distinctly cocky and reduces him to an extra who chuckles at his own chutkulas. But the only reason why this film should be held from moviegoers is because it is singularly boring and can be harmful to one's mental health.

Coffee With D Review By Surabhi Redkar, Koimoi

The family scenes, featuring Sunil Grover and Anjana Sukhani seem highly disconnected from the rest of the story and a lot of them are even unnecessary. One particular scene where Dipannita Sharma is seen stripping, is forcefully added as a commercial element but could have easily been chopped off. Mishra's Coffee With D is basically a failure in all major departments. Coffee With D is strictly avoidable. Don't waste your money on this one!

 Coffee With D Movie Storyline:

Arnab is a news anchor and maintains rich life. One day he decided to do an interview with most wanted don of the Mumbai underworld, “D”. In that interview he will target the Don and pushed him into confusion stage with his talking talent. What’s result of interview, what type of problems faced Arnab from ‘D’ is remaining story.

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