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Ahead Of Republic Day : Jolly LLB - Akshay Kumar Offers The Best Way To Support Families Of Martyred Soldiers

Jolly LLB 2 star recently posted a 5 and half a Minutes Video on twitter, where he spoke about his intention of providing a common platform through which people who want to extend financial support to the kin of the martyred soldiers will be able to do so.

Watch the Akshay Kumar's video below :

"I think that our country should have a website or a mobile app which directly connects the kin of martyred soldiers and the people who want to extend help to them," said Kumar in the video.

"This website will host a list of the names of the martyrs, along with the bank account numbers of their close ones - mother, father or wife. And if someone wants to help that jawan's family financially, they can directly make a contribution into their accounts. That account number will be deleted once the total deposited money accounts to Rs 15 lakh. By this, family members of the martyred soldiers can directly use that money." he added.

Akshay urged his fans to think over what he has said in the video and provide their feedback.

akshay kumar offers best support to indian army

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