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Review : Force 2 - Tahir Bhasin steals the show from John and Sonakshi

Review: Force 2 – Too much predictable.

This Friday sees the release of two different films in the form Force 2 and Tum Bin 2. Tese two movies are totally of different segments hence could not be seen as the direct clash on business.

Tum Bin 2 is the romantic film which will have more appeal towards romantic audience whereas Force 2 is the Action packed film.

Review : Force 2 - Tahir Bhasin John and Sonakshi
Force2 Review.
Here’s our review for Force 2.

About the story.

Force 2 is the story about ACP Yashvardhan (John Abraham) who teams up RAW Agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha) to bring down a master mind terrorist Shiv (Tahir Bhasin).

The story is too predictable, you won’t need to even think what could be the next. Actions, long chases and car crashes, bullets and blood, are below average.

The film tries to do portray feminism message, with some righteous dialogue about women’s capabilities and by making the heroine wear formal trouser and shirt but ends up presenting her as an utterly inept agent, one who is either off the mark or hides behind her male colleague.

The 2 hr 7 minute run time has only one song in it, you get feeling bored or exhausted.
Abraham reprises the dour ACP Yashvardhan with a suitable singularity of expression. I only hope it doesn’t get mistaken for intensity.

Sonakshi Sinha looks completely clueless, as if she walked into a wrong film set. She’s always the sidekick, and never manages to match up to the hero.

It’s Tahir Bhasin who hold our interest with his impeccable acting, blabbering, psychological games and mouth organ.

We rate the movie 1.5 Stars out of 5

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