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Review of Dear Zindagi : Gauri Shinde is back with a bang

Dear Zindagi is an inspiring film with an overwhelming message.

Dear Zindagi will release this Friday in India and Thursday in UAE but for Shahrukh Khan's American fans movie has been released a day in advance.

We bring out the Exclusive Review of Dear Zindagi before it hits theatres.

Dear Zindagi Story :

Review of Dear Zindagi - Gauri shinde

Kaira (Alia Bhatt) is a budding cinematographer in search of a perfect life. Her encounter with Jehanghir khan aka Jug (Shahrukh khan) , an unconventional thinker, helps her gain a new perspective on life. She discovers that happiness is all about finding comfort in life's imperfections.

Dear Zindagi - Review:

Direction -

AfterEnglish Vinglish, GauriShinde is Back with Bang ! She Directed the film very well. Cinematography is Eye Catching. Watertight Story & Screenplay.

Music -

Music of Dear Zindagi is simply Soulful, Love You Zindagi, Just Go to Hell Dil is already HIT Among the Youth. There is no dull moment throughout the flick. Fast Paced First & Second Half. That's the USP of the film.

Dialogues are well written & wonderful at many places.

"Don't let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future" ~ Jehanghir khan

The show belongs to Alia Bhatt, Alia looks stunning and surrenders herself completely to the director's vision and delivers a knockout performance.

she handles several challenging episodes in the film like a seasoned, mature performer. Her lengthy sequence in the climax is absolutely terrific.

ShahrukhKhan Steals the Show all the Way. He gave Top Notch Performance.

Performances by all Supporting Actors viz. KunalKapoor, AngadBedi & AliZafar are superb and didn't go un noticed.

Dear Zindagi verdict :

An inspiring film with an overwhelming message. This is a limited canvas film & the most effective thing about it,is the Acting.

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌠 3.5 out of 5

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