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Action Jackson review: Only watch this if you want to punish yourself.

Do yourself and those around you a favor: watch Action Jackson only if you have a free ticket or want to punish yourself.

There's just one question that pops up again and again during Action Jackson: why? Why does an educated young woman, who heads the HR department of a company, think that seeing one man's penis will make her lucky? If she's such a devout believer of lingam worship, surely someone could point her in the direction of the nearest Shiva temple. 
Why does a woman who is obsessed with a married man say she's decided he can never be hers one second and follow this up with kidnapping his wife and child, trying to kill them and then trying to kill him? Why does a gangster decide that his posse of henchmen will wear bright orange suits? It's not a colour that allows one to blend into a crowd.
Most importantly, why did anyone put their hard-earned money into this project when director Prabhudheva is quite evidently the worst filmmaker in Bollywood? And that's saying a lot, considering what the popular Hindi film industry churns out on a regular basis. Do yourself and those around you a favour: watch Action Jackson only if you have a free ticket or want to punish yourself. - from First post.

Below is the BollywoodCharcha Jumbo Review of Action Jackson from bollywood top critics, check them before hitting theater.

Only watch this Ajay Devgn starrer if you want to punish yourself - First Post

Do yourself and those around you a favor: watch Action Jackson only if you have a free ticket or want to punish yourself.

Rating : half Star


Action Jackson is a milestone in feminist cinema - Raja Sen / Rediff.com

Action Jackson is a drinking game of a film, one well over the so-bad-it’s-good line, its main merit being that it holds some genuine surprises,

Rating : Three Stars ( that actually surprises us, how can he rate it 3 star)


Action Jackson : Ajay doesn’t need to stoop this low - Shubhra Gupta / Indian Express

'Action Jackson' is almost as vile: the only reason I stuck around was to see if Ajay Devgn would start dancing like Prabhudheva by the end.

Rating : Can't get negative star.


Action Jackson is a vicious assault to the senses - Suhani Singh / India Today

Action Jackson is the lowest of the lows in what has already been one of the weakest years for Hindi cinema

Rating : half Star

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