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Gauhar Khan should cover herself fully to avoid unwarranted attention - Ajaz Khan

Its been a week now when Gauhar Khan was teased and slapped in a shoot of reality show finale at film city Mumbai. Every section of media and celebrity came in support of Gauhar khan and expressed their anger on the man who slapped her even the Maulanas and few Islamic organization criticized it, but there apparently do exist men like Ajaz Khan who believe that the assault on popular TV anchor Gauhar Khan was justified.

In conversation with a leading news website, Ajaz Khan reportedly declared, “Some people can’t control (their sexual urges) It is a fact that some people get attracted when they witness a woman’s body. Anybody can get distracted. Negativity must have taken over that individual.”

The publicity hungry reality star made it worse by keeping on talking. Not to mention, by existing in general. Ajaz is said to have further justified his statement by saying, “Islam demands a lady to be covered properly before she steps out of her house. There are more instances of rape these days because of this reason alone. If a lady covers herself fully she will not attract unwarranted attention. Such clothes provoke men.”

However, another set of reports have it that Ajaz has since tried to take back his kind words. The actor has since gone on record saying, “This should NOT have happened. Islam doesn’t allow this act of violence. The man who assaulted Gauhar is against Islam.” He further went on to add, "I never said this. In fact I maintain that if the man who misbehaved with my friend Khan Sahib came in front of me I'd smash his face."

Just when you think that mankind has evolved, along comes Ajaz Khan and drags us all back that’s why we think people like Ajaz needs to shut up now.

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