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10 Worst Bollywood movies of 2014

As December advances towards end it also mark the end of year, so its time to rewind 2014.  List of 10 Worst Bollywood movies of 2014 when they hit theater, they were criticized by critics and viewers both.

List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of 2014

1. Humshakals

Worst Bollywood movies of 2014 is definitely Humshakals. Sajid Khan must not make movies from now on, he should be banned. This movie was so bad that critics and viewers rushed on any medium to write about their horrific incident.

2. Action Jackson

Not every one you Prabhu Deva can pull off same movie in different flavour. Rowdy Rathore was pretty funny and had Akshay Kumar, R rajkumar had hit music and Wanted was new. Pick worst parts of these movies and blend it into a mixture with some ear exploding not so funny racist jokes and one of the worst action sequences and one liner craps. You will be served Action Jackson which of course you should avoid.


Yaariyan – Music album, one of the best of 2014. Yaariyan – Bikini Show, Hottest of the year, but Yaariyan – film, worst Bollywood movies of 2014. Love Hate, India Australia, Pride Patriotism, Love triangle, college, hostel, models, kiss, games, action, suspense, army, Maaa Beta and many more. This was Yaariyan.

4. Gunday

3 talented actors of Bollywood in one single crap. Its a mystery how Ranveer Singh, Arjun kapoor and Priyanka Chopra all of them liked such a story at same time. Movie may had recovered money from initial success but definitely left viewer’s in shock.

5. The Xpose

Himesh Reshamiya was in this movie. I don’t think any other explanation is needed about why this was one of the worst Bollywood movies of 2014.

6. O Teri

O Teri is telling us from the title itself what we’re going to be saying by the end of the film (in disgust, of course).

7. Creature 3D

Bipasha Basu should stop working in horror films now, she is more beautiful then she think she is. Instead of movie it was script, story,acting and 3D that was horrible.

8. Desi Kattey

No, not everyone can make movie which is good, entertaining and gives a message to society. Of course Desi Kattey was not one of those, in fact it was so bad that it deserves to be in the list of 10 worst Bollywood movies of 2014.

9. Dishkiyaoon

Worst casting of the year which helped movie to be one of the worst Bollywood movies of 2014.

10. Yeh Hai Bakrapur

Coming up with an interesting topic is different, millions do this. But actually creating movie is different and when it goes horribly wrong it becomes Ye hai Bakrapur. Satire movies are one of the toughest to make and Ye Hai Bakrapur was a failed experiment which gives nothing, neither entertainment nor social message.

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