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Ungli Movie Review

Ungli is as mindless as its title

Ungli is a lackadaisical thriller
- Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV 

The central premise of Ungli is as unoriginal as they come: a gang of four vigilantes sets out to name, shame and tame the corrupt in the city of Mumbai after one of their own is battered in a case of road rage. The plot hinges on preposterous contrivances in its bid to expose the underbelly of a rotten system that crushes the common man under its weight.

Ungli begins with a bang and that's about it!
- Prasanna D Zore , rediffi.com 

Director Rensil D'Silva and dialogue writer Milap Zaveri team up to dish out an inane thriller that lacks originality as well as a solid plot. Ungli is about four friends -- Abhay (Randeep Hooda), Maya (Kangna Ranaut), Kaleem (Angad Bedi) and Gautam alias Goti (Neil Bhoopalam) -- and their brave attempt to clean the system of corruption in their unique vigilante style.

Ungli is a fantasy with little sense
- Suhani Singh, India Today

Things went terribly wrong during the making of Ungli. Kangna Ranaut lost interest during the making of the film so much so you'd think she wasn't in it. Angad Bedi got so angry that he began to look like Incredible Hulk. Randeep Hooda was irritated and just wanted to shush everybody. 

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