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Paramilitary man who hacked Kareena Kapoor’s IT account to get her mobile number Arrested

On Monday cyber police arrested a 26-year-old paramilitary man who is a die hard fan of actress Kareena Kapoor for allegedly hacking her income tax account in September last year.
Kareena Kapoor account hacked

As per officials, he hacked her Income Tax account so that he could get access to her mobile number using which he could talk to her.

DCP Sachin Patil confirmed that the team from BKC Cyber police arrested the accused from another state and got him to Mumbai on Monday afternoon. The officials had been trying to track down the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the person who had hacked into the IT account.

” The accused, a central government official, also files IT returns for colleagues. He knew that in most cases when IT returns are filed, one gets the mobile number of the person in the receipt. He was hoping to get the mobile number of the actress by filing her returns so that he could talk to her once as he is a big fan of her.” officer said.

After he confessed to all this, the police team then took his custody and got him to the city on Monday afternoon. The accused has been booked on charges of impersonation and relevant sections of the Information Technology Act.

The accused wanted to talk to Kareena Kapoor Khan and while searching online for her mobile number got her PAN card details. He used the pan card details to get into her account. Kareena’s chartered accountant had filed a complaint on October 1 against an unidentified person for allegedly hacking into her income tax account and filing a false return claim.
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