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Salman Khan warns AIB's Tanmay over derogatory comment on family member

On December 20, an incident happened that made the Bhai of Bollywood Salaman Khan, bring back his bad boy image.

How dare you insult my family member!" Salman told Tanmay over a call made by him to the AIB comedian at 2 am

They say that anger is the worst enemy of man, but sometimes that’s what's required to put things correct. It won’t be wrong to say that anger is Salman Khan’s middle name and if he is livid about something, more often than not, there is a strong reason behind it.

On December 20, an incident happened that made the Bhai of Bollywood bring back his bad boy image.

Many of you must have been laughing your guts out watching the recently released youtube video AIB with a popular American concept of ‘roasting the celebrities.’ Even though the show is all about drilling the guests of honour, Salman felt that they pushed the envelope a bit too far.

Bollywood’s Dabangg got terribly cheesed off when Team AIB along with 4000 viewers and the star guests, Karan Johar,Masand, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh were laughing on the expense of somebody very close to him.
After the show got over, when the integral member of AIB Tanmay Bhatt must have been celebrating the show's success, I am sure he was completely unaware of what's coming  his way.

It was a raging phone call at 2 am, from Salman. Salman blew the daylights out of  Tanmay asking him that how dare he messed with his family on the show. Tanmay was strictly asked to remove everything that was even remotely close to joking about Salman’s loved one, before putting the video on youtube.Obviously the command was followed by the AIB team. Did they have a choice? Definitely not.

Of course Tanmay was shivering in his pants and apologised  to Salman immediately.

But think of it Tanmay, show is all about drilling the guests of honour then where does the need arrive to strech it to the extent of making derogatory comment on other celebrity who don't give the damn to your show. Now the news had been spread in the media of Salman threatening you, what's wrong if a family member is protective about his near and dear ones and stands up for them if and when the situation demands?

And one more question with your permission, Tanmay: Should a staged-scripted show by some members of the film fraternity cross boundaries and attack the kith and kin of stars, like you did for Parineeti Chopra?

Noteworthy point Sonakshi Sinha, who had raised her eyebrow and lectured on moral policing and women respect on "making fun over her broad forehaed by tweeps" is endorsing AIB Knockout filth
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