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BiggBoss10 Episode 2 : Is Om Baba's secret safe with Lopamudra?

BiggBoss10 day 2:

It was on Mon, the show witnessed a catfight between 2 contestants Priyanka Jagga and VJ Bani that was raised with the question asked by Priyanka to Bani concerning her age.

Akanksha Sharma, Lopamudra to urge into major fights with Swamiji tonight over his debatable behavior! ” Aap sirf pravarchan karte rehte hain, aapke actions ekdum alag hain.” Akanksha Sharma takes on Om Swami.

Watch the Biggboss episode 2 below

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Biggboss 10 : Episode2 - Is Om Baba's secret safe with Lopamudra
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